Friday’s answers

Andrei posed Thursday’s questions for which he gets my thanks.

Should he have stumped us all he can claim a virtual autumn posy by leaving the answers below.

One Response to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    Questions inspired by the fact it is VE day on Sunday and День Победы (Victory Day in Russia) on Monday

    (1) Who were these women and what connects them?

    (a) Traudl Junge

    (b) Gerda Christian

    (c) Constanze Manziarly

    Answer: Two of these women were Hitler’s secretaries while the third Constanze Manziarly was his cook. All three elected to remain with him in the “fuhrerbunker” as the Third Reich collapsed

    Traudl Junge is one of the main sources of information as to the events in the “fuhrerbunker” in the Third Reich’s last days

    (2) What was a Panzerfaust
    Answer: A cheap disposable one shot anti Tank weapon. A canonical image of the last days of the Reich is that of old men and young boys armed only with Panzerfausts going out to tackle the Red Army, which was suicidal

    (3) Who announced the Surrender of Berlin to the Red Army?

    Answer: General Helmuth Weidling

    Hitler had ordered him shot for abandoning his post (he hadn’t) as the Battle of Berlin raged – on hearing this General Weidling turned up at the “fuhrerbunker” and denied he had left his position

    His reward? He was made commander of the Berlin Defence Area when the situation was hopeless and it was he who surrendered to General Chuikov who had recordings of General Weidling reading the surrender order played throughout Berlin in order to end the fighting

    (4) Who were the signatories to and what Nations did each represent for the “German Instrument of Surrender” signed on 8th May 1945

    Answer: This document was signed in Berlin on 8th May 1945 By Georgy Zhukov for the Soviet Union, Sir Arthur Tedder for Great Britain and witnessed by Carl Spaatz for the USA and Jean de Tassigny for France

    The German representatives who signed were: Wilhelm Keitel (Army), Hans-Georg von Friedeburg (Navy) and Hans-Jürgen Stumpfffor the Luftwaffe

    You could write a book on the politics behind this event which was improvised as was the document even though British, American and Soviet diplomats had spent over a year drafting a Surrender Document for Germany before her defeat, a draft that became irrelevant as it was overtaken by events

    (5) When is Elbe Day and what does it commemorate?
    April 25, is the day when the Red Army met the American Army at the Elbe effectively ending the Third Reich by cutting Germany in two

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