Thursday’s quiz

The questions are up to you with no need to follow the five-question formula I used.

Anyone who stumps everyone will win a virtual apple and blackberry tart.

4 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) Who were these women and what connects them?

    (a) Traudl Junge

    (b) Gerda Christian

    (c) Constanze Manziarly

    (2) What was a Panzerfaust

    (3) Who announced the Surrender of Berlin to the Red Army?

    (4) Who were the signatories to and what Nations did each represent for the “German Instrument of Surrender” signed on 8th May 1945

    (5) When is Elbe Day and what does it commemorate?


  2. homepaddock says:

    1.Given the theme were they WWII spies?
    2. Panzer was a tank – maybe a Panzerfaust was a tank fight.
    3. Churchill.
    4. The UK, USA, France and Germany were the nations.
    5. May something, VE Day – victory in Europe. My father was in London that day and spent the night in Hyde Park.


  3. Paranormal says:

    A Panzerfaust was a disposable rocket launcher used in significant numbers by German infantry, particularly towards the end of WW2 when other weapons were in short supply.

    There are numerous accounts of soldiers and youths sent into the field with only a Panzerfaust to destroy an enemy tank.


  4. Teletext says:

    1. They were all at some stage private secretary to Hitler

    2. Agree with Paranormal

    3. Georgy Zhukov was the leader of the Russian delegation so I assume that it was him but a war correspondent Edward Kennedy actually broke the news embargo on the surrender and it was headlines around the US before it was supposed to be.

    4. Zhukov and Arthur Tedder (Britain) for the Allies with Carl Spaatz (US) and Jean de Tassigny (France) as witnesses.
    For the Germans Wilhelm Keitel (Army), Von Friedeberg (Navy) and Stumpff for the Luftwaffe

    5. April 25 1945 and it was the day that the US and Russian troops met at the Elbe River and it really signaled the end of the war.


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