366 days of gratitude

Not everyone has the blessing of a loving and lovely mother. I was blessed with two – my own mother and that of my best friend whose family moved next door when we were two.

Mum died 15 years ago, this post is a day late because my second mother died yesterday.

She was a wonderful woman – kind, gentle, giving, generous in material and other terms, a Christian who lived her faith.

Here is just one example of her practical kindness. When our son who had multiple handicaps turned one, she came out with dozen of meal-sized pottles of pureed meat and vegetables ready for freezing and said since he wouldn’t know it was his birthday she was giving him something that would help me.

Her health had been poor for some time and her death was neither a surprise nor a tragedy but even when it’s expected the loss of someone who played such an important part in your life is sad.

She called me her fifth daughter – I am grateful for that, for her love, the many happy memories she leaves and for a life lived well.

2 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. grantaviuskennarius says:

    My sympathy. May your memory of her continue to be a blessing.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks Grant, those many happy memories will be a continuing blessing.


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