366 days of gratitude

Ladybird Hill at Omarama is about half way between Wanaka and home making it a good spot to stop for lunch en route.

There’s more to it than good food, it’s a cafe, restaurant, winery and salmon farm.

You can catch your own fish and they’ll smoke it for you while you wait.

This morning I phoned to say I’d be passing through and would I be able to pick up a salmon that would keep until Friday.

The answer was yes, they’d smoked some yesterday and it would be fine until Sunday.

I said I’d see them in about an hour and a quarter.

The fish was waiting when I arrived and it was still warm. After I phoned they’d caught, cleaned and smoked it for me.

That’s very good service for which I’m grateful.

P.S. – the salmon smells delicious but it’s in the fridge where it will remain untasted until Friday.


One Response to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Teletext says:

    Ele, It sounds really great. How about putting one up for the prize in tomorrows quiz?

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