Matching politics to age

Can we guess your age by your political views?

I got 47 which would make my views younger than I am if I agreed with this summary, which I don’t entirely:

You must be around 47 years old! You have lived through a lot of world-changing events and experienced a myriad of historical innovations. You have lost a lot of the optimism that runs free in the young, liberal population of nowadays. You tend to be more conservative on the political spectrum, and you consider yourself a bit of a realist. You definitely support human rights and other social issues, but you have a harder stance on things like immigration, security and economic policies. Although you are mostly a traditionalist, you are open to some forms of progress which makes your political persuasions very logical and moderate.


3 Responses to Matching politics to age

  1. Andrei says:

    You must be around 33 years old! You a fairly optimistic outlook on the world and the human condition. You aren’t extremely liberal, but you are very open to progress and things like social justice and equality are important to you. Since you are in your professional career age however, you also know that minimal government intervention and a free market economy is also important. You are young enough to be energetic and enthusiastic, but wise enough to know what’s good for your country!

  2. Dave Kennedy says:

    I came out as 26, over thirty years younger than my chronological age. I did note that this was a very US orientated quiz, many of the questions relating to carrying firearms etc would have a very different response here. I think that you could probably add 10-20 years to the age to make it more reflective of our population.

  3. Tim Sheppard says:

    Crikey! This suggests I am 33yo – exactly half my actual age! I guess our Kiwi “variations” are because the quiz is very American oriented. Even if we are fiscally conservative and centre-right by local standards, our common social values down-under might make us seem flaming liberals by American standards – not least on gun laws and same-sex marriage. (Just as Dave K suggested too..)

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