The one that got away twice

A possum stood still in my headlights directly in front of me as I rounded a corner.

I didn’t swerve and felt a bump. Had it been a thump I’d have been sure I’d killed it but the bump made me wonder if I’d only wounded it.

I have no compunction about killing pests but I wouldn’t leave one injured.  I turned round in the first gate way I came to, went back and saw the possum walking towards me apparently uninjured.

Again I didn’t swerve and felt another bump but not a thump. I turned drove to the nearest gateway, turned round and drove back up the road.

When I rounded the corner the possum was running ahead of me then it dashed to the side of the road and up a power pole.

Possum 2 – me 0.


One Response to The one that got away twice

  1. pdm says:

    When I was an early teenager – 14 or 15 – we used to use gin traps to catch possums and then kill them by belting them on the head with a length of pipe. Some of them could take an absolute hammering before eventually dying.

    Luckily we were well out in the country and the SPCA wasn’t active in the area.


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