Word of the day

Paschal – relating to the Jewish Passover or Easter.

3 Responses to Word of the day

  1. Andrei says:

    In most languages a word derived from Pascha, which is Greek for Passover is used for this festival – Easter is derived from Germanic roots – why I don’t know

    Western Easter is early this year while Orthodox Easter is still five weeks away

    Anyway a hymn for today in Byzantine Chant Tone 8 – very mournful

    Byzantine music is different from Western music – very different if you are not used to it I guess but if you have heard it from childhood sung in Church….

    Sometimes when I was young I wondered why such music never made it to the radio – not Good Friday Hymns though – I must admit on Good Friday (Thursday Night) I my major thought was when are we ever going to get out of Church……

    But this is beautiful and appropriate to the day


  2. hereandnow says:

    austron = aust = east = sunrise = Spring = new life = re-birth.
    Hence the logical conclusion = chocolate bunnies full of chocolate buttons jump out of chocolate eggs made in China. Now you know.


  3. Will says:

    I always thought ‘aust’ meant south, as in Australia. I also thought Easter was named for some fertility goddess called Oestre (not sure of the spelling) which is where we get oestrogen from.

    I’m quite sure Andrei knows all this, he possibly is wondering why a Middle Eastern religion adopted a Germanic festival. I would speculate that the spring equinox becomes much more important as you get further from the tropics. So as the religion spread north it needed a more seasonal character.

    This does not downplay the vital significance of chocolate.


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