Could the polls be wrong?

Polls have consistently shown a significant majority of people will vote for the current flag rather than the alternative.

Polling companies haven’t been calling the people I’ve been asking.

We were with 10 New Zealanders in Tasmania three weeks ago, all but one were voting for the new flag.

A week later we were on a farm tour in the North Island with 41 people. Only two of those were voting for the status quo, one didn’t like the alternative but was planning to vote for it in preference to the old one and the others were definitely voting for change.

At a dinner last week, four of six were voting for change.

Does that mean the polls will be proved wrong?

Sadly, I don’t think so.

Between people who don’t want change, people who do but don’t like the alternative enough to vote for it and people voting against change for political reasons I think the polls will prove to be right.

But whatever the outcome of the referendum, we’ve got a new flag and we’ll continue to fly it.

4 Responses to Could the polls be wrong?

  1. TraceyS says:

    Youngish working people seem to be voting for change. Not the easiest people to catch at home for polling. By the way, has anyone else noticed how busy people are at the moment? Everyone I come across seems to be very, very stretched for time.

  2. Andrei says:

    Polling companies haven’t been calling the people I’ve been asking.

    We were with 10 New Zealanders in Tasmania three weeks ago, all but one were voting for the new flag….

    It’s the company you keep

    I have talked to no one who is voting for the new flag – not one

    I’m not against changing the flag per se but that is a cosmetic thing

    The change should come as part of a much larger package which would also include a name change for this nation

    John Key is not the man to lead New Zealand in this new direction of Nationhood – he is a globalist who vacations in Hawaii for example

    It will come but the time is not now and the people pushing for it do not have the vision to lead us into this new era of Nationhood

    Indeed the whole exercise comes across as change for changes sake and a matter of corporate branding rather than something substantial

  3. Gravedodger says:

    I concur with much of Andrei’s comment.

    In my circle it is hard to find a supporter of the butter box label, beach towel, marketing brand sans logo soon to be dated offering that is being proposed as a new National Sovereign Flag.

    Had the Key government been serious about a new image for our beautiful, resourceful, innovative, entrepreneurial nation he could have added a change in our constitutional base to give the new flag an image to encapsulate.
    Say bringing an end to the total revisionist nonsense around a special people who live along side us and join in building our emerging nation. Add in a date settling a clear end to the treaty, a document that some choose to read in the English language of the settler and the continually modifying alternative written effort in the very new and still emerging oral language of the natives who had a very limited if any comprehension of English.

    Hell if any better evidence of the racist rort that has evolved since Lange and Palmer elevated the 19th century political instrument created by minions of the UK government in the name of then reigning Queen Victoria, to bring about a formal documented settlement of the successful colonisation of this country that the natives had a barely conscious understanding of as a potential Island Nation but embraced as a possible ending of the tribal warfare that had descended into a more lethal outcome with the advent of muskets. Tasman’s New Zealand was still a colony of New South Wales consisting of a few very isolated and relatively ungoverned small settlements.
    Recent events include the inane emergency hearing on the TPP by ToW troughers extraordinaire and if that was not sufficient evidence of the total irrelevancy being foist upon the Nation some nearly one hundred years on there is a claim from a few disgruntled over the declaration of the very significant Marine reserve around the uninhabited Kermadecs, a mind boggling advance that give real meaning to our reputation as a conservationist Nation.
    Pity policing it with our meagre military resources will make it little more than a token should any big boys attempt advantage.

    Yes it was sad that a rump of the opposition to change came from the mindless anti Key morons thereby negating what was a reasonable attempt to address a matter that a majority have been seeking, including the now totally discredited dysfunctional NZLP who in following the dummy currently in charge who decided to continue his oppose everything the gummint proposes in spite of the fact changing our flag has been a central plank of their party policy for decades along with a long standing free trade stance.

    Such a move in ending the increasingly desperate machinations around the ToW, that would never be attempted by the Key outfit is not gunna happn but it sure would have given a massive kickstart to a flag change and contemporaneously set our nation on a path to the greatness that still seems so elusive.

  4. Will says:

    I voted for change, but no-one else I know did. We won’t be doing this again for a long time I think. Never mind.

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