What’s your money personality?

Sorted has a money personality quiz.

I’m a practical domestic:

The title we felt best suited you was Practical Domestic. When it comes to money matters you are responsible, realistic, accurate, careful, traditional, steady, practical, diligent, super dependable, dutiful, organised, orderly and decisive.

Which means:

  • You enjoy spending on making life comfortable for your family and those who are important to you. You are often adjusting your spending to day-to-day events that make your life and work more satisfying for you and others.

  • You like nice physical surroundings and comforts. To you, home is valued territory. Your house is likely to be well-kept inside and out and meticulously maintained in a time-honoured traditional style. You love to spend on traditions and taking care of people and things. You like being with family and close friends and having special dinners and traditional family gatherings.

  • You like structure and orderliness to your finances. You believe in saving and putting something aside against an unpredictable future. You want to get there by the most direct means, as indirect and open methods seem inefficient to you. You do better when you have a clear pathway and goal in mind, and have a definite plan that leads to progress charts and tangible records.

  • You want knowledge and facts from financial advisers.


  • Down-to-earth practical and realistic business and investment ideas suit you best.

  • You do well behind the scenes supporting any business you believe in.

  • You are great with detail, bring follow through and focus to help things run smoothly.

  • People seek you out as responsible guardians who bring structure and efficiency to a task. You remember to do the little things that need to be done to make a project a success.

  • You tend to find meaning in life by serving human needs and making others happy so investing in something you believe in e.g. Using your investment to help others tends to feel most comfortable for you.

Like any of these non-scientific quizzes there’s some truth in this, though no-one who knows me well would accuse me of being great with detail.


6 Responses to What’s your money personality?

  1. Deborah says:

    Me too, which I find completely unsurprising ie. unsurprising both in terms of the personality, and unsurprising in terms of my similarity to you.


  2. TraceyS says:

    I am a “Money Mechanic”:

    “The title we felt best fitted you was Money Mechanic. When it comes to money matters you are cool, dispassionate, systematic, logical, objective, efficient, practical, realistic, independent, spontaneous, individualistic – not conventional, risk-taking and adventurous with money matters.

    Detailed summary:

    You are an action-orientated risk taker who likes to be independent with your finances and not invest with, or be tied up financially, with a group of people.

    You can be a walking storehouse of information. You like to bring order to confused data and you do best when you get to apply you understanding and technical knowledge to your financial projects.

    You are skilful at organising finances into a logical framework.

    You are better at organising concrete data and practical products than organising people.”

    It’s funny how the very words “action-orientated risk taker” make me feel excited just by reading them.

    I think this quiz is very accurate (for me anyway).


  3. Paranormal says:

    From what little I know of you Tracey it sounds accurate – particularly bringing order to confused data.

    I’m considered a Sound controller by the quiz. For what its worth:

    The title we felt best fitted you was Sound Controller. When it comes to money matters you are extremely stable, thorough, reliable, hardworking, careful with detail, diligent, practical, precise, logical, dependable, sensible, orderly, steady, persevering, dutiful, sound, thoughtful, responsible, structured, orderly, realistic and decisive.


  4. Will says:

    There is no way I’m doing this. Not sure I’d like the outcome.


  5. TraceyS says:

    Be brave Will (you know the outcome already).


  6. Mr E says:

    Money mechanic


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