366 days of gratitude

PDM left a comment on yesterday’s gratitude post betting we didn’t pay $1,000 for the new microwave oven.

He’s right. I don’t remember the exact price of the new one but I don’t think it was much more than $100.

Given the value of the $1000 the original microwave cost us in the 1980s, today’s $100 is far more than 10 times less expensive.

We have technological advances and much freer trade to thank for that and I”m grateful for both.

2 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. TraceyS says:

    The inflation adjusted price for a microwave purchased in 1985 for $1,000 is $3,207 today. Imagine paying that for a microwave!

    Working back from your microwave purchased in 2016, for say $150, the cost in 1983 would have been $47.

    At that price even my family could have afforded one.


  2. Mr E says:

    Like Ele, we had our National brand microwave for decades. It was expensive and great for softening butter.

    We replaced ours about 3 years ago with a much cheaper one. It was only replaced because it became somewhat of a fashion pariah in a new kitchen. Since then we have had 4 microwaves because of reliability issues.

    With some things cheaper is not necessarily better.


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