No “only” about .9%

One criticism of the Trans Pacific Partnership is that it will add “only” .9% to New Zealand’s GDP.

Politik has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s response to  two economic studies quoted by Labour  using that figure to justify criticism of the deal.

MFAT Chief Negotiator David Walker says that 0.9% increase in baseline GDP in 2030 is equivalent to NZ$2.7 billion.

There is no “only” about $2.7 billion.

One Response to No “only” about .9%

  1. Andrei says:

    The problem here Ele is that the projections from MFAT have a lot in common with the projections on the future temperature produced by the IPCC

    Both of which are not scientific but political

    The TPP is not a free trade agreement but the formation of a trade cartel and one where not all participants enter on an equal footing

    I am all for free trade and vehemently against cartels


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