366 days of gratitude

A friend set up a microwave oven business when they were first introduce to New Zealand.

An uncle of my farmer’s died at about that time and left hims the princely sum of $1000. That was about what a microwave cost and we bought one with the money.

With my friend’s instructions and an Alison Holst recipe book I microwaved just about anything until I worked out that it’s good for some things – thawing, reheating, white sauce . .  – and some things are better steamed, baked or grilled.

The  microwave died last year and we went several months before buying a replacement.

I didn’t miss it but my farmer did and so we got another.

Tonight plans to go out were changed at the last minute and I had to go to the freezer to find some protein for dinner.

My search uncovered some blue cod and I was very grateful that I had a microwave with which to thaw it before cooking it.

3 Responses to 366 days of gratitude

  1. Gravedodger says:

    My first contact with the technology was in the later 1950s when a US embassy sponsored science show came to my boarding school and boiled water in a cup with no heat talk about wide eyes and disbelief.

    ps we purchased two Kenwoods when they first came on the market and daughters is still operating but she is very sparing. The one we kept then became a sheepyard raddle/oilstone/shears/foot shears storage and we have probably had half a dozen since.
    Great for white sauce, custard, gravy and yes defrosting. Always do cabbage and silver beet with the water from washing leaves and a knob of butter.

  2. dragonfly says:

    We also have a microwave that I believe to be immortal:)

  3. pdm says:

    Bet you didn’t pay $1,000 for the new one.

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