Winston leaves trail of destruction

The headline : Winston leaves trial of destruction refers to the devastation left in the wake of a topical cyclone.

That’s no joking matter when homes have been wrecked and at least one man has died.

But my first though on reading the headline was not of the cyclone in Fiji but the politician in New Zealand.

2 Responses to Winston leaves trail of destruction

  1. Bulaman says:

    I was on one of the last planes out of Nadi yesterday morning on my normal schedule. Was up there for 2 weeks and had Winston following me around. It formed when I arrived and went down around and back while I always seemed to be on the opposite side of the Island. Friends have lost roofs and the clean up will take a lot of time.


  2. pdm says:

    HP you echoed my thoughts – especially when I saw last night it was going around in a circle.

    We lived in Suva for 3 years in the mid 1970’s and did not have to endure a Hurricane but, our thoughts are with the local people who do it a lot tougher than the tourists do.


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