Friday’s answers

Andrei posed the questions and has already told us that Teletext got them right.

However, I await question 5 with interest.

Apropos the theme, my first car was a mini – mustard coloured which is a clue to how long ago it was.

2 Responses to Friday’s answers

  1. Andrei says:

    Question 5 was to be

    “have you ever owned or driven a mini”?

    And I was sure that our blog host would be one of those who would answer in the affirmative as she has just confirmed

    For what was Sir Alec Issigonis most known?

    He designed the mini 🙂 – celebrity is a funny thing, he is not a household name I guess but the impact of his little car was enormous and it is an icon of the sixties

    Technically the innovations introduced for the mini which were radical at the time are now standard on the vast majority of family cars – in particular the front wheel drive powered by a transversely mounted engine and independent suspension

    The Monte Carlo question had a typo 1996 instead of 1966

    By the mid 1960s the Mini Cooper S variant had a lock on rallying and the Monte Carlo rally in particular. In 1966 the minis and some other British cars were disqualified for having headlight bulbs that were different from those in cars sold to the public – Mini had taken first place as well as third and fourth places that year

    They won the following year but were supplanted by the Porsche 911 from 1968. Big difference between the accessibility of the mini to the hoi polloi compared to the Porsche 911 is there not?

    Questions 2 and 3 were about how Sir Alec Issagonis arrived in Britain as a refugee while in his mid teens (via Malta as Teletext pointed out)

    He was born in Smyrna an ancient Greek city in Anatolia and scene of a major massacre of Greeks and Armenians in 1922 – his family escaped courtesy of the Royal Navy

  2. homepaddock says:

    Thank you Andrei, even though you didn’t stump Teletext you’ve earned a virtual box of nectarines.

    Your mention of front-wheel drive reminded me of a ski trip with friends. We stopped to put on chains and the young men in the car next to us were greatly amused when they saw us putting them on the front wheels.

    We eventually asked them to explain the joke. When they told us the chains should go on the back wheels we replied that the joke was on them as the car was front-wheel drive.

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