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Bilharzia – a human parasitic flat worm in the fluke or Trematode order; a chronic disease, endemic in parts of Africa and South America, caused by infestation with blood flukes (schistosomes); a blood fluke.

Hat tip: Andrei

One Response to Word of the day

  1. Andrei says:

    This disease is one of the most common causes of debilitating sickness and early death among the rural poor in the third world but is of no threat to us – so we ignore it

    I caught it, our company doctor knew the risks given where we were working and was looking out for it and hit it hard with western medicine and that was the end of it – a minor inconvenience really, three months of pills and a follow up a year later to make sure I was clear

    We like scary stories Ebola was the most recent but the number of dead from Ebola doesn’t come close to those from Bilharzia even though it is easily treatable and potentially preventable – the twin technological advances of clean water and sewerage treatment the most significant public health measures in human history would knock it on its head – It has long been eradicated in the Japan and China where it once was prevalent – it can be done

    In Africa there are nations where the total health expenditure per person is less than $US1 per annum and the money and will to improve sanitation virtually non existent these things are common

    We have had discussions on this blog many times about New Zealand’s water quality – about cows in particular polluting them

    They are pristine compared to much of undeveloped Africa’s, South America’s and in the Philippines where this disease is still prevalent


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