Thursday’s quiz

The questions are up to you while I’m blogging lighter.

There’s no need to follow the five-question formula I used.

Anyone who stumps us all will win a bunch of precious platinum roses.

6 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Andrei says:

    (1) Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble.

    He cometh forth like a flower, and is cut down: he fleeth also as a shadow, and continueth not.

    From whence is this quote taken?

    (2) How many of Henry VIII’s wives post deceased (i.e. outlived) him and can you name them?

    (3) Who was the last of Henry VIII’s wives to die (bonus for her age at death)?

    (4) The richest man in Europe in Henry VIII’s time was Charles V, Holy Roman emperor, what deformity did he suffer from?

    (5) How old was Charles V at his death? (Hint: he lived longer than Henry VIII or any of his wives including the one who was his niece)


  2. J Bloggs says:

    2) 2 – Catherine Parr and Anne of Cleves
    3) Anne of Cleves (she was 41 when she died)
    4) An enlarged lower jaw (which became more prominent still in his descendants)
    4) 58


  3. J Bloggs says:

    1) Who wrote the words “ “Of all the trees that grow so fair, old England to adorn,
    Greater are none beneath the sun than Oak, and Ash, and Thorn.”

    2) Which song is the official march of the Royal Navy?

    3) In which Mythology would you find the “World Ash”? (bonus points for its name)

    4) To which city was the singer who “Cut a stout blackthorn to banish ghost and goblin” travelling?

    5) In which book does the “Tree Song” (from which the lyric in Q. 1 is taken) appear


  4. Teletext says:


    I concur with all of J Bloggs’ answers but I can answer #1

    1. Job 14:1 from the Bible


  5. Teletext says:

    J Bloggs

    1. Rudyard Kipling A Tree Song one of my favourite authors

    2. Heart of Oak I believe it is still the official march of the NZ Navy as well

    3. Norse Mythology. It is the tree that connects the 9 worlds. I think its name is Ygdrassil but I might too many s’s and not enough g’s

    4. As shillelaghs are made from blackthorn I would have to say Dublin

    5. Puck of Pook’s Hill


  6. Andrei says:

    J Bloggs –

    (1) that is Kipling

    (2) Heart of Oak – It refers to the old wooden ships which were built of English Oak

    (3) –

    (4) –

    (5) Puck of Pook’s Hill


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