Saturday’s smiles

I tried to find something appropriate for Waitangi Day but any relevant jokes I came across were hackneyed, racist or both.

Anyone who leaves a joke which is appropriate for the day and isn’t hackneyed and/or racist will win a virtual chilly bin of kai moana.

In the meantime, I offer a joke which could be set in the New Zealand countryside:

The farmer’s daughter was taking a small flock of sheep down the road by herself for the first time.

All was going well until a car with a dog came up to them. The dog barked and the sheep scattered.

It took a while but the young shepherd managed to get the flock together again and into the paddock.

When she got home she told her parents what had happened.

“A barking dog in a car scared the sheep and they scattered but I managed to get all 12 of them back and into the paddock.”

“That’s very well done,” her mother said, “You only had 10 when you started.”

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