Word of the day

Whiffler – a person who frequently changes opinions or course; someone who uses shifts and evasions or is vacillating in argument; an attendant who cleared the way for a procession waving a chain or an axe.

One Response to Word of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    How apt for the current temporary leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal (sic) Opposition.
    He has more positions on Trade than The Karma Sutra has for sensual pleasures and he has taken a “mere” to possibly one of the very few in his coterie, qualified no less, who dared to openly support the eminently sensible positions of Clark (H1), Goff, Moore and probably those too cowed, in fear of their income stream including Parker, Cosgrove, King and even Cunliffe, poor old David “Snapper” Shearer.

    So it is official Angry Andy can add “Whiffler” to his pathetically thin CV.

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