Thursday’s quiz

Anyone is welcome to pose the questions while I’m blogging lighter.

There is no need to follow the five-question format I used and anyone who stumps everyone will win a virtual box of moorpark apricots.

3 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. J Bloggs says:

    1) Where would you find the Virgin Islands?

    2) Who was the US state of Virginia named for?

    3) What is the key characteristic of a “virgin” drink?

    4) Who said “A library is a place you can lose your innocence without losing your virginity” ?

    5) The Virginian is the third longest running TV Western – Which series occupy the 1st and 2nd places?

  2. Will Dwan says:

    1. Caribbean, sort of up and out a bit I think.
    2. Elizabeth 1 presumably.
    3. No alcohol.
    4. Don’t know but I’ll run with Virginia Wolfe.
    5. Hmm tricky. High Chaparral and Bonanza.

  3. Teletext says:

    1. They, along with the leeward and some others for the edge of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean so the answer has to be the Caribbean.

    2. Having a good friend who is a resident in Richmond, the capital and having been there a few times, I had asked about the origin of the name and there is some division on it. Many think that it was named by Raleigh in honour of Elizabeth 1 but others thing it comes from an local Indian word “Wingina”.

    3. Non alcoholic drink

    4. Germaine Greer

    5. Bonanza and Gunsmoke

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