What do your manners reveal about you?

What do your manners reveal about you?

At first attempt I got:


German manners really do flow in your veins! You were taught very early on what was acceptable and what wasn’t. At home and among your friends, you can be a very open and warm person, but you are often colder and more professional when it comes to meeting new people or work situations.

That so wasn’t me I tried again and got:

You are


You are just like a Swiss train: practically perfect in every single way. Of course, being on time is very important to you and you are always neat and tidy, but there’s as a clumsy, quirky side to you that just seems to draw other people in. You’re funny, uncomplicated and quite laid-back – good for you!

I dont’ recognise myself there either.

3 Responses to What do your manners reveal about you?

  1. TraceyS says:

    I am:

    You are very sensitive to the social environment around you and try to avoid confrontation and offending others at all costs. “Sorry” is perhaps your favorite word and you find yourself saying it even when you know you probably don’t need to: you would rather be too polite than not polite enough.”


  2. JC says:

    Japanese. Apparently I’m a stickler for etiquette.



  3. Mr E says:

    I am also ‘British’.
    I found myself choosing the least wrong answer often.


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