Trust in government

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  1. Andrei says:

    Russia beats out New Zealand and thrashes the USA and Britain in these figures.

    Coming last is poor old Slovenia – ripped from Yugoslavia in the ninties (the long forgotten Slovenian war which compared to the other Balkan wars was not particularly bloody and only lasted 10 days) and absorbed by the EU which promptly used it as a dumping ground for their surplus agricultural products driving the local farmers bankrupt – land that was promptly acquired by large agricultural conglomerates at fire sale prices who turned the erstwhile farmers into serfs on the land they had once owned.

    There is a reason why Kiwis should treat large land sales to overseas buyers with suspicion


  2. Brown says:

    This shows that stupidity is widely but not evenly spread.


  3. Andrei says:

    This shows that stupidity is widely but not evenly spread.

    Are the Swiss stupid because they trust the Swiss Government or is it the Slovenians are stupid because the distrust the Slovenian Government, Brown?

    Its worth noting none of the top seven are EU members

    And that Germany which comes in top among that group is in fact the member State that demands and receives tribute from the minnows who have the misfortune to belong to that diabolical conglomeration – indeed it was German, Danish and Dutch (subsidized) agricultural produce on Slovenian supermarket shelves that brought Slovenian farmers to their knees and allowed their land to be liberated from them for a fraction of its previous value


  4. J Bloggs says:

    Luxembourg ( #4) is a member of the EU.

    Having said that, I’d like to know what exactly “Confidence in the government” is defined as for the purpose of the survey.


  5. Andrei says:

    I missed Luxembourg J Bloggs

    but that is a very rich little country where just about everybody knows everybody else by name


  6. Brown says:

    @ Andrei. Switzerland stands apart because its controlled locally rather than nationally so power is not handed to central govt.

    Indonesia for goodness sake? Maybe the ratings reflect the cultures within – you trust dodgy people because you are dodgy yourself never having known anything better? Its just what is normal.

    I think its so flawed its useless to use as a measure in objective terms.


  7. Andrei says:

    I think its so flawed its useless to use as a measure in objective terms.

    These sort of things always are Brown

    The people who set these surveys and studies up do so within the framework of their own axioms, prejudices and biases – which may well not be shared by the respondents.

    Its a bit like the “reading test” they used to give immigrants to Australia (also voters in The Deep South in the USA)

    In days of yore a black man (a negro in the original anecdote but we are not allowed to use that word anymore), a medical man, a doctor educated at Harvard, went to exercise his right to vote in rural Alabama where he worked in the negro African American community.

    “Do you know boy that in order to vote in this county, you must pass a literacy test” asked the sheriff

    Indeed sir I do” replied the Doctor what is the test?”

    “You must read a newspaper to me” replied the sheriff. “do you think you can do that?”

    “I’m sure that I can do that sir” replied the doctor

    “Well then boy read this to me” said the sheriff handing the doctor a newspaper written in Mandarin Chinese – Can you read it?”

    “Why yes sir I can” replied the doctor

    Well what does it say boy? snapped the sheriff.

    “It says sir no damn n*****s goin to be voting in this county today” replied the doctor


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