Quote of the day

Those who adhere to the past won’t be able to cope with the future.Willy Brandt who was born on this day in 1913.

2 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Andrei says:

    It is time to realize that of all the valuable capital the world possesses, the most valuable and most decisive is people,

    – Joseph Stalin who was born on this day in 1878

    I had intended to make a joke with this comment but when I went looking for a Stalin quote to make it with I realized that the majority of Stalin Quotes on the internet in English are in fact totally bogus and cannot be sourced and many that can are hearsay from non Russian speakers

    The one I used can be sourced in its original Russian

    Надо, наконец, понять, что из всех ценных капиталов, имеющихся в мире, самым ценным и самым решающим капиталом являются люди

    and comes from a 1935 speech to graduates of the Red Army academy

    There are several important lessons here


  2. Andrei says:

    I want to carry on from my previous comment, I apologize if it detracts attention Willy Brandt, though he did win a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on improving East- West relations and so if you think I’m off topic use that to forgive this diversion

    Here is a headline and linked story from today: Vladimir Putin hails ‘very talented and flamboyant’ Donald Trump in staggering outburst

    Read the story

    And then through the miracles of modern technology see the actual exchange that prompted this story – this is a big interest of mine right now, getting the nuance behind the actual words translated and VVP in particular is often the victim of willful mistranslations


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