Michelle Payne 1st woman to win Melbourne Cup

Michelle Payne rode Prince of Penzance to victory in the Melbourne Cup.

In doing so she rode into racing history as the first woman to win the Cup.

The Age has a good read about her and her family:

Michelle Payne is a wanted woman this week, given her status as just the fourth female jockey to have a ride in a Melbourne Cup.

But try taking the spotlight away from brother Steve, a shining example for others afflicted with Down Syndrome.

Not only will Steve shadow Michelle Payne onto the track for just her second ride in Australia’s great race as Prince Of Penzance’s strapper, he is basically accompanying her everywhere else, too. To trackwork, to barrier draws, to countless interviews … the siblings who share a home have been almost inseparable this week. . . 

She wasn’t letting male dominance in the race distract her:

Payne will be the only female jockey to be presented to the Flemington masses before the $6.2 million race while John Sargent’s mare Gust Of Wind is the only female in a race dominated by high-priced stallions and hardened geldings.

“To be honest I don’t take a lot of notice of that,” Payne said. “I’ve got a job to do and I just go out and do it. I don’t let that influence me in any way. I really don’t put a lot of emphasis on it. It might help other girls coming through with an opportunity in big races. Otherwise I really don’t look at it any other way than that I’m a jockey and I’m doing my best.”

Today her best was good enough to win.

The official results are:

1st 19 Prince of Penzance (NZ) (1)





2nd 8 Max Dynamite (FR) (2)





3rd 2 Criterion (NZ) (4)

D.Hayes & T.Dabernig



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