Saturday’s smiles

Once you’ve seen one rugby joke you’ve seen a maul, but apropos of tomorrow’s final:

The Springboks were flying home from the World Cup when their plane lost an engine. The pilot came over the loudspeakers and informed everyone, but insisted that this was alright as they had another and it was more than capable of reaching their destination.

As soon as he finished on the microphone the second engine blew and he came back on informing everyone that it was time to make their peace.

The South African captain then led his team and others on the plane in prayer. The plane crashed and they all went to heaven.

By coincidence, this was the day before the annual Heaven versus Hell Rugby match.

Saint Peter who was Heaven’s team coach saw his opportunity and called the Devil.

“I was thinking about tomorrow’s game and thought of increasing the normal stakes,” he said.

The devil replied, “I’m a betting man, what do you have in mind?”

“How about we double the bet to 200 souls?” St Peter said.

“You’ve got a deal,” the Devil replies.

St Peter sniggered slightly, which made the Devil’s ears prick up.

“You’re up to something, I can tell, what is it?” he said.

St Peter told him he’d find out tomorrow.

“Look, our bet’s made and you know I won’t back out of it, tell me,” the Devil said.

OK, I have the entire Springbok side,” St Peter said with a grin.

“That’s alright, did you forget that I still have all the referees?” the Devil responded.


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