Quote of the day

Literature is news that stays news.  – Ezra Pound who was born on this day in 1840.

And a bonus quote from him apropos the lack of civilisation in too many places:

A civilized man is one who will give a serious answer to a serious question. Civilization itself is a certain sane balance of values.

17 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Dave Kennedy says:

    “A civilized man is one who will give a serious answer to a serious question. Civilization itself is a certain sane balance of values.”

    This does have political relevance because under the current Speaker of the House questions don’t have to be answered, as they did under Lockwood Smith, just addressed. This means it is harder for the opposition to hold the Government to account, as is their job, and the Government can fob off serious questions with political spin. This is not what makes “civilised” government.

  2. andrei says:

    Here is a serious question Dave Kennedy

    How come not one of the deadbeat politicians you support can win a seat in the House of Representatives on their own merit but rely on the party list to get their place at the trough?

    Not one Dave Kennedy – Not one!

  3. Dave Kennedy says:

    Andrei, you just don’t get the MMP political system and how “deadbeat” politicians can get in through a safe seat. It used to happen all the time under FPP and still happens now.

    For the Green party it doesn’t pay to put our energies into electorates campaigns as it is the Party vote that determines the numbers consequently all candidates concentrate on that vote and not promoting themselves. Most of our billboards don’t even feature our people but promote the party and policies.

    Even taking that into account and looking at our two current leaders, James Shaw’s party vote campaign saw the party vote (11,500) in Wellington central soar above Labour’s and was close to National’s and yet James got only 5,000 for the candidate vote. Voters were told that he was more likely to be successful if people voted for the party and it worked.

    Metiria is also well regarded in Dunedin and even though she did little campaigning in Dunedin as a leader she got a similar result to James, 8,000 party votes and only 5,000 for the candidate vote. People knew that she would get in under the party vote anyway so they put their energies into voting for the next candidate they liked for the electorate.

    Many voters vote for candidates who are poor performers just because they support the party and Mike Sabin got a high percentage of votes despite the fact that National insiders felt he was a poorly performing MP: http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2015/01/good-riddance-bad-rubbish-sabin-resigns/
    Sabin still won the Northland seat with a huge majority (18,000) when he wasn’t popular, didn’t do much and ran up huge expenses as a backbench MP. http://www.electionresults.govt.nz/electionresults_2014/electorate-35.html

    In the by-elelection National’s Mark Osborne seemed a nice guy and would have made a much better MP yet he got fewer votes than Sabin because of a poorly managed National campaign and an electorate backlash against National.

    Under MMP you can’t assess the quality or local regard of a candidate by their candidate vote any more. Todd Barclay was a largely unknown 24 year old who struggled at many of the candidate meetings and Labour’s Liz Craig had a much more impressive CV in medicine and child health (compared to Todd’s Tobacco company experience) and yet Todd got a similar vote to Bill English, his National predecessor. Clutha Southland is a hugely loyal National seat and almost anyone put up as a National candidate would probably get in.

    When our MPs retire most get glowing recognition from the media and even the opposition for their positive contribution. Rod Donald had huge respect. Jeanette Fitzsimons still has a high profile, and Chris Finlayson rated Nandor Tanczos’ contribution highly and appointed him to the Arts Council in 2009.

    Sue Bradford is one of our more controversial MPs and yet she successfully pushed through more private members bills than almost any other MP through winning support from other parties.

    I guess it also depends how you assess deadbeat too as we have more MPs (amongst our 14) who have run their own businesses or have been successful CEOs before being elected than in National’s current cabinet.

    Just out of interest here is an exchange between one of our youngest MPs, Julie Anne Genter and Gerry Brownlee in the days when Ministers had to answer questions. Julie Anne’s background is in economics and transport management and her questions related to the evidence and cost benefit analysis of the RoNs and Gerry (as a past woodwork teacher) is clearly struggling with economic explanations of National’s transport policy (none in fact). What was really amusing was at that time he had no idea of Genter’s qualifications and previous employment and he arrogantly suggested she wasn’t qualified to question him on transport.

    Who are really the deadbeats 😉

  4. Name Withheld says:

    This does have political relevance because

    Maybe in your narcissistic mind.
    It is, after all, all about you.
    GD nailed it in a previous post.

    “the “qotd” went completely over your head and you just made a concious effort to inject your tiresome Melon political propaganda for the umteenth time.”

    And here you go again.

  5. Dave Kennedy says:

    NW, oh dear, I suggest you look up the meaning of narcissism 😉

    You do have a very bigoted view of the world if you use the term ‘melon’ and think that fact is propaganda. What do you dispute in my last comment and where is the evidence? I bet your response will be another personal attack.

  6. Name Withheld says:

    Do you mean…

    “Who are really the deadbeats”

    Explain to me what this has to do with qotd from Ezra Pound.

    As for looking up the meaning of words, your woeful inarticulate attempts at verbiage and miss-spellings it would be more benefit to yourself to have a go at this.

    What part of..
    ” inject your tiresome Melon political propaganda for the umteenth time.”
    Did you not grasp?

  7. Dave Kennedy says:

    NW, read the thread, I was responding to Andrei. This is supposed to be a conversation or debate but it appears that you just do personal attacks, condescension and pointing out typos. My prediction regarding your response was spot on 😉

  8. Mr E says:


    “A civilized man is one who will give a serious answer to a serious question.”

    “My prediction regarding your response was spot on ;-)”

  9. Dave Kennedy says:

    Mr E, What is the serious question?

  10. TraceyS says:

    “Metiria is also well regarded in Dunedin and even though she did little campaigning in Dunedin…”

    Third is still third no matter how you paint it. And if you add candidate and party votes together it was a distant third too (by over 8,000 votes).

    This is a good performance from a party leader? Really?

    You cannot be serious!

  11. Name Withheld says:

    NW, read the thread, I was responding to Andrei.

    Except that you weren’t.
    Remember this….

    “This does have political relevance because under the current Speaker of the House questions don’t have to be answered, as they did under Lockwood Smith, just addressed.”

    You should. It was your first comment to the thread yesterday.
    Don’t blame andrei, he wasn’t even there!
    You see, your shallow, superficial and narcissistic thinking allows your lies to be easily exposed.
    You were just parroting, word for word, the pathetic posturing of your late but unlamented leader in his (happily) last speech to Parliament.
    Sometimes, when explaining things to a slow learner, such as a child, it helps to repeat them.

    the “qotd” went completely over your head and you just made a concious effort to inject your tiresome Melon political propaganda for the umteenth time.

  12. Gravedodger says:

    Jeepers Creepers Kennedy you are a constant I will concede that.

    So loser Liz Craig is a Medical angel while winnerTodd Barclay is a filthy Tobacco purveyor.

    Lets put the boot into Sabin as it is highly unlikely he will visit here and even more unlikely he will bother to take you up from the other end of the Country.
    You laud Fitzsimons yet what did she really deliver except lie down on the PM’s rug and let H1 wipe her feet on her all the while delivering a C&S vote
    Sue Bradford did what exactly, open loving parents to a criminal conviction while not making the slightest dent in the appalling welfare funded, seemingly endless beating to death of innocent little souls, at the hands of feral unrelated subsequent attendant dominant males on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. A serious blight on us all as a Nation that if anything is worse now than then.

    While not wishing to speak ill of the dead other than to repeat that which I published when he was alive with his sanctimonious ranting at the use of fossil fuels while spluttering around Banks Peninsula in an old Combi Van, belching copious plumes of exhaust smoke from engine oil and fuel emissions in the continuance of a caring for the future, image.

    Then there was the Material Girl, poster image for “Poverty” if ever there was one

    Then you move onto a well performed and if the last election result over the National Governments response to the Troughmaster generals divine intervention, translated to the Ballot Box, many voters from the Village of the Damned Gave “the Woodwork Teacher’ a resounding vote of confidence with party votes across the Village, clearly in the ascendant.

    How come in your litany of Green Party luminaries you didn’t add the Publicist for Pol Pot,, Kim Ill Sung, Enver Hoxha, Mao Tse Tung and of course good old uncle Joe Stalin whose combined total of innocent deaths in their pursuit of absolute power made Herr Schiklegrubers effort pale somewhat as another pillar of the Green Party always worshipped all the above as great men of History. How much further to the communist left could you have lurched by using the scion of Elsie and Jack.

    So much of the ad hominem attacks you revel in here are made without any consideration for our host and her blog image when such shallow attempts would be far more suited to your own blog but then no one outside your little echo chamber would ever read them eh.

    You then wonder and take issue when those of a bluer tint of environmentalism, very strongly held, suggest the bunch of extreme left agitators we aptly describe as Melons and poke the borax at you all for wearing a cloak of green as a camouflage in your pathetic wool pulling over eyes of the simple who are sucked into the very dodgy claims we are going to hell in a hand cart.

    The simple fact is democracy and current policies have delivered the most comfortably off, secure, well nourished, peaceful and free society in the history of man.
    Examples that prove that some are supposedly missing out, occur through the very poor choices they make within that free and democratic opportunity.

  13. Dave Kennedy says:

    GD, you are an entertaining writer of pure fiction 😉 It was John Key who pushed through the so called anti-smacking bill in the end with some minor adjustments and if it was so bad giving children the same rights as animals why hasn’t the legislation been reversed? Nigel Latta had objected to the bill initially and was given the job of assessing the legislation’s effectiveness, he ended up discovering it was working fine and apologised to Bradford. This is just one example of the nonsense you repeat as fact.


    The following link is the sort of stuff our MPs are engaged with, trying to apply common sense to the messes of National’s making. Your favoured party is against Gareth Hughes’ bill to bring consistency and fairness into solar installations and power buy back. This is a growth industry and with new generation batteries, more and more people will be going off the grid and the costs of maintaining our transmission network will fall on fewer people.


    What you also don’t seem to understand is that the Green Party is probably the most democratic of all. We want transparency in decision making, we want those who are most affected by decisions to be consulted and we certainly want question time to be one where answers are provided and not just “addressed” with childish rants.

    (Trying to bring things back to the original post)

    All your talk of Mao, Pot and Stalin and the threat of communism is so passe especially when the biggest supporter of communist China is this Government and it is the Greens who still protest against the injustices of Communist rule. You really do live in a strange reality GD.

  14. Dave Kennedy says:

    NW, you are sounding a little trollish. Try actual debating if you have an issue rather than all your misguided and ill-informed vitriol. Do you ever add constructively to a discussion? Good grief!

  15. Name Withheld says:

    (Trying to bring things back to the original post)

    That would be the quote from Ezra pound, would it not?
    Happy to debate him any day.

    the “qotd” went completely over your head and you just made a concious effort to inject your tiresome Melon political propaganda for the umteenth time.”
    Good grief!(TM)

  16. Gravedodger says:

    “BREAKING NEWS” Mr Kennedy China 2015 is far and away removed from the excesses of MaoTse Tung that your besty has always lauded, At least his Old Mum had the intellect to see that Stalin’s oppressive smashing of the Hungarian revolution was a step too far and left the NZ Communist Party but Daddy continued his slavish support and they were both committed Communists until they breathed their last.

    Gareth ‘wonderboy’ Hughes wants the electricity retailers to pay for cheap power from the installation of solar when there is almost zero demand for base load but then with your abysmal understanding of commerce that would never be a commercial decision consideration, more woolly GP/Melon thinking of what is “Fair”..
    Tell Boywonder to install smelters to use base load surpluses

    GP democratic my arse, who gave wholesome support to Ms Clark and Co’s totally anti democratic electoral finance bill that if passed would have been the greatest retarded thinking on freedom of expression in the 12 months leading to a scheduled election in the history of Westminster systems across the free world.
    Half the executive to have no penis, supposedly validated by the moronic practice of the GP making male appendages a qualifying standard for wannabe MPs.
    For a more current abrogation of the democratic rights of citizens there was the inane attempt o prevent law abiding citizens gathering together with access to a celebratory drink while watching our National Rugby team try to write history in the current RWC.

    Perhaps you could give us all, links to the numerous incidents of wife bashing and overt drunken behaviour around schools as the thousands of drunks wend their way home or to work following spending hours of solid imbibing under the guise of ACT’s David Seymour effort to make law abiding fans and entrepreneurial providers of large screen action fulfil lawful enjoyment .

    You Mr Kennedy are the weekly winner of wowser of the day award day on day, week on week, month on month and you call that democratic. ROTFLMAO

  17. Dave Kennedy says:

    GD, Your nonsense about penises and communism is just ignorant ranting, believe it or not we rarely need to adjust our list ranking to reflect some geographical and gender balance, it actually just seems to happen and no adjustment can be more than two places anyway. Merit is the driving force behind ranking so it just must be that we have a better balanced party than National.

    You obviously supported the fact that Keith Locke was spied on from the age of 11 yrs and even while he was an MP. Interestingly all the files revealed was that he was just a nice guy. What a total waste of resources. Interestingly he has been plagued by lies that he supported Pol Pot for many years and you too repeat this nonsense. I would love to see the proof behind it.


    As you surely have noticed that our electricity supply is an overly expensive and fraught one. The Max Bradford model has been a catastrophic disaster. We have amongst the cheapest and most sustainable electricity source in the world and amongst the highest domestic cost. It takes only $7,000 to set up a new house with a solar system and the payback comes easily within around 7 years and it adds value (more than the cost of installation according to evidence) to the house if sold. Solar is a no brainer when ordinary grid supply costs so much. Businesses, including dairy farms, are going solar because the supply comes through during the day when their need is greatest. If electricity companies try and fight solar then they will end up the losers if more go off the grid. They would be far better to embrace this energy sector and actually service it if they are going to survive.


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