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. . . The state should absolutely run a court system, should absolutely have police, should absolutely have a military, that’s just the basic thing so you can have property and be safe in yourself. That’s first. But then there’s a few more things. Some people make the argument that Victorian times were better, but I think it’s fair to have, basically, a social insurance scheme that says, look, you have unforeseeable risks, some people are just born with parents that either don’t want to or can’t afford to send them to school, and I think that the state should actually fund that, I don’t think they should be running all the schools, but they should fund it. And I think we should have some sort of insurance against bad things happening to you. I don’t have a major objection to the state running an employment insurance scheme, which is basically what it does.

But once you get past those things – security and a social safety net – then you suddenly find yourself with politicians who think they’re businesspeople, and it’s just too tempting to play around with other people’s money. There’s a regulatory role for the state, and that is things like fisheries, for instance. If everybody just took everything they wanted, there’d be no fish next season. . .  – David Seymour

Hat tip: Kiwiblog

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. farmerbraun says:

    David is very polite, and seems not yet to display the universal and enduring characteristic of every career politician, namely , the ability to maintain a belief in one’s own credibility when most of the populace is viewing one as a habitual liar.

    It’s the Emperor with No Clothes , over, and over again.

    NZ is a very egalitarian society , moderately socialistic , with a strong libertarian bent.
    The electoral results here invariably show this. People want to have the bare minimum of government , as set out in David’s comment.

    Those who seek to impose regulation into every aspect of peoples’ lives , to the point of even telling us what to think (cf Dave and AGW) are destined to remain in the political wilderness in this country.

    That is regrettable when alternative parties should be at all times reining in the excessive interference of the incumbent party of government.


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