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John Key's photo.

Trade is incredibly important to NZ. As a country, we won’t get rich selling things to ourselves. – John Key

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    The major shortfall came with Dairy and that was always going to happen as so many lazyboy riders here in NZ have minimal understanding of how Dairy works in say Canada where a 30 cow herd that we abandoned in the 1950s is still holding a one million dollar Quota in 2015
    Those small herd farms only remained viable with a Town milk contract on urban boundaries with the other herd for winter production on a run off.
    Yes then 75 cows could generate a farm living income in Dairy heartland when combined with a small piggery and a few store lambs when the hay was in.

    Even in the 1980s when we moved to Wairarapa there were still four little Co-ops functioning, 20 years on when we left it all went to Pahiatua and on to Hawera where the Black “parson” Bird ruled.
    I recall going to the ‘large herd’ conference at Solway to catch up with some old Canterbury mates in the early eighties when to Qualify I think it was a herd above 250 cows and now there are herds in excess of a thousand.
    Canada is pretty much in the world still occupied by highly protected inefficient local market relics so bulk raw milk product was always in trouble in the realworld of TPPA

    The gains in horticulture, fruit, manufacturing, Cheese and other specialty milk product, beef, and almost all tariffs gone, with minimal negatives around Pharmac and the other Kelsey demons has me somewhat in awe of what Groser and his team have delivered.
    Credit to the Clark Government who lit the fuse back in 2007 when it was four countries and now look what it has grown into. 40% of the worlds economy and we have China signed up outside of the TPPA.

    Gee the Luddites are spinning, Trotter has flirted with white coats and if Kelsey has a comment it has possibly hit the ground it is flying so low.
    Teach of Invergiggle will be struggling for a takeoff but I have a Kate Shepherd to a knob of goat poo he will find ample negatives,——321

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