Tech request – updated

I updated software on my iPad on Sunday and found I couldn’t log into my blog.

I updated software on my iPhone today and can’t get into my blog on it either.

WordPress support are trying to help but haven’t yet solved the problem.

If anyone else has a solution I’d be grateful.


The tech fairy at WordPress suggested it was a problem with Safari and advised me to download Google Chrome which I did and it’s allowed me to log-in.

3 Responses to Tech request – updated

  1. pukeko60 says:

    Find another computer and log in via wordpress: preferably a mac or something running linux. Alternatively, download a liveUSB stick (I suggest ubuntu as it easiest and boot from that and see if you can get from that. I can get onto WP, but I self host.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Thanks for the suggestion, I was still logged in on my PC, the problem was peculiar to the iPhone and iPad after updating the software.

    The WordPress tech fairy has now sorted that for me with the advice to swap from Safari to Google Chrome.


  3. pukeko60 says:

    I hardly ever use Safari: I use Chrome or Firefox.


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