Quote of the day

Everyone’s told us that we’ve got this weak pool, so that’s how we manufacture something that allows us to practice stuff that we’re going to get later on.

If we brought our whole game straight away, everybody gets to see what we’ve got and that hasn’t worked for us in the past.

We’re trying a different tack, and we know we’ve got to get better but we’ve got a plan and we’re comfortable with that plan. – Steve Hansen

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    RWC is what it is and 4 into 9 goes 2 and one remaining, that is where Wales, England and Australia found themselves in a pool of death but times, as Dylan suggested are a changing.
    Scotland and The Republic have discovered they have a vastly improved Japan in their pool that almost emerged as another PoD.
    Samoa in previous years have been labelled tournament darlings and yet this tournament have been revealed as a rather ill-disciplined team discussing the next Tourny as needing a qualifier path along with the USA. A team with five others yet to win a game.

    RWC is like no other series in that after another week, a loss for any of the top eight has an outcome exactly the same as England, OUT spells out. No bonus points, no reprieve from other results and only an early exit as NZ managed in Cardiff eight short years ago, a result that had the greatest upset securely around the ABs necks until the country where it all began at Rugby School taking the title as first Host Nation to fail to make the Quarter finals.

    I am no sycophantic fan of Steve Hansen as he was boorish, and insulting to swmbo at a sponsors function when she, during question time asked in a very civilised and reasonable way for a comment on the apparent lack of decision makers on the field and Aaron Major sitting in the grandstand in his number ones, now swmbo had long been immersed in matters rugby and yet was treated as if she should have remained silent and left things to the “Men”. Mr Hansen has come a long way since then, media training and experience have improved his apparent manner so he is getting some slack and I think he is playing the cards dealt with some finesse.
    There are no medals for beating Namibia or Georgia by a cricket score and they have Tonga to try and tighten their skills, Why would any coach play all his trumps while his opponents deal with their dealt cards.
    Anyone who has played competitive sport knows it is difficult to play their “A” game when playing with less skilled but highly motivated players and it is all of little moment until October 18th at Cardiff.

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