Wins not victories

The All Blacks have beaten Georgia 43 – 10.

Like its other pool games, it was a win but not a victory.

The All Blacks have been expected not only to win but to win well and they haven’t yet.

This means either:

a) The gap between the top tier, the up and comers and the minnows is narrowing.

b) It’s a cunning plot by the All Blacks to appear weaker than they are by not playing their best in pool games.

c) The chances of the All Blacks making the final, let alone winning it aren’t nearly as high as many of us hoped.

One Response to Wins not victories

  1. Gravedodger says:

    I am certainly a long way from Panic, sure they have some rust still present but AFAIK the original squad is injury free and there are enough signs of control apparent.
    Namibia and Georgia have forwards well equipped and backs who can defend with out exhibiting a great potential to attack. Their early try this morning was almost a very lucky break from unpredictable circumstances that can come at any time
    The gap has closed significantly between the second and top tier with almost all that Georgian Pack playing in the two French leagues, technically able but still reaching for the skill levels of the ABs.

    The Handling stats were horrible and Carter’s goal kicking was well below par, Tonga will be another handful next Friday, RWC is a tournament like no other with sudden death in every game after next weekend something England face tomorrow morning and just as sometimes a possible winner at Wimbledon has a massive five setter in the lead up to the final that leaves them emotionally and physically drained, that may not be an advantage for the winner tomorrow morning at Twickenham with possible the hosts or our near neighbours goneburger.

    The biggest hurdle for The ABs is their quarter final when they are at their most vulnerable, after that it will come down to a bounce of the Ball, a dodgy ref of just plain bad luck.
    Ireland, France, England, Australia, South Africa are all well capable of winning RWC 2015 and The ABs are no where superior on any given day, Bledisloe 1 in Sydney was all the evidence anyone needs.


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