Check your swtich board regularly

The power went out in our office.

We called an electrician who found this in the switchboard:


The whole board was replaced when we altered two years ago.

The electrician found some of the what-nots (for which there is a technical term which escapes me as I type) needed tightening – some because they can come loose over time, some because they’d never been tightened properly in the first place.

Friends lost power recently and the cause was also found to be due to over-heating in the switch board.

The Fire Service reminds us all to check our smoke alarms when the clocks go forward and back (mutter, mumble, forward this weekend, which is at least three weeks too early). It would pay to check switch boards at the same time.

4 Responses to Check your swtich board regularly

  1. Jeez. We had the switch box at our holiday house changed (updated) about three years ago.

    Can you see that burn damage by simply opening and looking inside, or do you have to pull the fuses et al out.


  2. Richard says:

    Shocking – blacklist the original electrician
    Oh, but, –electricians are able to self regulate
    Builders may also have that privilege soon, given proposed legislation.
    The possibility of fire, is much higher in my priorities than leaky buildings


  3. homepaddock says:

    What’s in the photo was only obvious once they were pulled out, but we could see blackened wire leading from them as soon as we opened the door on the switch board.


  4. Gravedodger says:

    Not sure why the screw clamps are still de jour s there is a propensity over time to become lose, surprised self tightening as used in most sound systems has never developed.
    Copper is a great conductor but prone to heating and cooling that can create problems when high loads are in play.
    One of the biggest fire risks are power boards that split loads and can easily become overloaded when coinciding startups occur as in fridge/freezer motors, where initial loads can be quite high.


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