Quote of the day

“I have been heartened by the messages of support flooding into Liberal MPs’ offices this evening saying most emphatically, ‘We are not the Labor Party’,” –  Tony Abbott

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Tony Abbott was a rarity in politics in that he was an honourable and decent man who was formidable in opposition but was an enormous target for his many enemies as PM.

    Changing leaders and in particular a sitting PM is always going to be bad and this is no different, one thing that will work out in Turnbull’s favour is that Abbott is very unlikely to do what KRudd did to Gillard and sit around white anting the new leadership.
    Julie Bishop’s thumping of the strawman candidate for Liberal deputy also gives Turnbull a great start and with over a year to their next scheduled election Labor will be dismayed.

    The biggest loser in last evenings events is the current Leader of the Federal opposition who imho will now be forced to watch a similar unravelling for his ambitions for PM. I think his best chance was an early double dissolution, the longer things run, the more problems will arise and it will not be all down to John Dyson Heydon.

    For starters he will be forced to find a new opening line that always seemed to include Mr Rabbit.


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