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. . .The ultimate purpose of public policy is to help people live better lives, now and into the future. To this end, good policy focuses on ensuring that the wellbeing-generating capacity of capital assets is sustained or enhanced, and shared, which is to say: not eroded by current generations at the expense of future generations (sustainability); is shared in a manner consistent with sustaining or enhancing the capital base (equity); that no particular social group(s) impose their concepts of wellbeing on others, respecting others’ rights to live the kinds of lives they have reason to value (social cohesion); that comprehensive wealth is protected against major systemic risks (resilience); and that the material wellbeing generating potential of capital assets is enhanced (to underpin the economy’s capacity to sustain higher growth). . . – Girol Karacaoglu in The New Zealand Treasury’s Living Standards Framework – Exploring a Stylised Model.

2 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. andrei says:

    Sir Humphrey lives…….

  2. Name Withheld says:

    Sir Humphrey lives…….

    And he’s drunk the socialist global warming cool-aid.

    A particularly promising policy package includes incentivising clean-technology research and penalising the use of dirty technology with a view to switching production towards clean technology – supported by subsidising skilling and education, as well as the immigration of skilled labour, engineers and scientists. This combination of policies would raise both the rate and the quality of sustainable growth by reducing the negative effects of production on the environment and on health.
    A reduction in inequity would follow as the relative weight of skilled labour and scientists (that are both wealthier and better paid than unskilled labour) increases in the working population. This package would need to be enhanced by poverty-reducing and community-building investments to ensure that social cohesion and resilience to systemic shocks are increased.

    I know at least one green party member who will have this taped to the ceiling of his bedroom.

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