Saturday’s smiles

A young woman was taking her new city boyfriend home to the family farm.

Keen to appear interested in all things rural he pointed at the first cattle they saw.

“What a cute bunch of cows!” he said.

“Not a bunch, herd”, she replied.

“Heard of what?” he asked.

“Herd of cows,” she said.

“Of course I’ve heard of cows,” he said.

“No, a cow herd,”she explained.

“None of them could have heard us, the windows are up,” he said. Besides, why would I care, I have no secrets to keep from a cow!”

2 Responses to Saturday’s smiles

  1. Martian says:



  2. Gravedodger says:

    Wonder how it ended, badly I suspect, some seeds of possible incompatibility methinks.


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