Hows your visual memory?

Can you remember much of these pictures?

My visual memory isn’t usually very good and I don’t do details but I got:

Excellent Photographic Memory

Wow! You have incredible photographic memory. You remembered all the pictures with fine detail and got the highest possible score. You have amazing visual retention and your ability to recollect detailed imagery is superb.

5 Responses to Hows your visual memory?

  1. yes, I did too… so is this a ‘make ’em all feel good exercise and no-one can fail ?????????


  2. Samo says:

    Phenomenal Visual memory A+


  3. JC says:

    A+ here.. this doesn’t sound like me!



  4. Gravedodger says:

    Did this with some trepidation as with many things what you don’t know is often hidden, ie hearing loss failing eyesight, memory and other age related diminishing evidence.
    My Exam successes were often from image retention eg my SC Geography mark that carried the day was totally reliant on Maps and accompanying text that were a breeze for me to replicate and then expand on.

    A+ was deeply satisfying until the comments above, perhaps we are all equally bad also.


  5. pdm says:



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