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I have been biting my tongue on this for a few days and it is beginning to hurt, so I have to say this. Putting the current attempted political beat up to one side, I am looking forward to a serious debate about our refugee quota. I believe that we can take more refugees and other displaced persons and that previous intakes have been hugely beneficial to our society. But we do have to ensure that those we invite are well looked after and that we do everything possible to mitigate stresses that an increased intake might cause (this would include increased funding for Refugee Services). Most importantly I hope that we can achieve an All Party agreement on what ever policy response we decide on (yes, one that included NZ First). We can’t have some seeking to make political capital out of tragedies of the type we are currently witnessing. – Charles Finny

2 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. andrei says:

    Millions of people live in the lands that the Evil empire has brought to ruin and chaos with its meddling, cruise missiles and drone strikes – millions and millions of people suffering

    And we can give shelter to a few hundred – is this to assuage our consciences for the crimes committed by our imperial masters?

    Better we help these people restore civil order to their homelands and allow them to develop in their own way while treating them as equals and with respect


  2. JC says:

    There’s a number of points to consider here..

    1. It seems strange that the most at risk groups in the ME are the Christians and yet they don’t seem to be an overwhelming percentage of the refugees.. but I did strike this..


    Libyan refugees threw Christians overboard at sea when the boat sprang a leak.

    2. Despite some pictures of women and dead babies the refugees seem to be mainly males of fighting age.

    3. In France Muslims in prison are 7 times the percentage in the general population and in the US they are 11 times the % of the general population. It looks likely that large numbers of prisoners are being converted to Islam in prison.. something that NZ had noticed happening here (on a smaller scale) over ten years ago.


    4. In NZ, of refugees here for some years only 19% were in work, 78% were on some sort of benefit. We need to sort this out pronto before we start talking of increasing our refugee numbers.

    Click to access axford2008_grogan.pdf



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