Four from 40

The announcement of which of the 40 designs on the long-list has made the final four is being made at Te Papa.

Stuff is reporting on it live and has the first of the four:

The first is black and white with a white and black fern:

Designed by Alofi Kanter from Auckland, the original submission said:  

“Just the silver fern. Black and white. On a flag, saying loud and clear: New Zealand. The design is simple and pure, using our national colours. Credit for the fern goes to The New Zealand Way Limited.”

The second is:

Kyle Lockwood’s red and blue with a fern and stars.

The third is black and white with a koru designed by Andrew Fyfe.

The fourth is Lockwood’s black and blue with fern and stars.


The Flag Consideration Panel has a bigger version.



3 Responses to Four from 40

  1. andrei says:

    More Bread and circuses from the 5th National Government

  2. JC says:

    Lockwood has got it covered though I’ve a slight preference for the red and blue.

    I could live with the black and white with fern as well.


  3. Freddy says:

    There needs to be one further step in the process.
    When the 4 becomes 1, the 1 could be given the opportunity for refinement, not Otis Frizzell or Johnny from Edendale, but professionals. How that would work I have no idea, I just feel the ‘1’ needs a little tweaking. Best be done now.

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