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. . . The nature of CYF is chaotic because it deals with chaotic people. The organisation is in crisis because it exists to respond to crisis. No law changes, or system revamps, or ‘best practice’ applications will change that.

I feel sorry for the people who work with deeply dysfunctional families. The best of them burn out, and the worst become desensitized.

This latest from the Commissioner, and then s panel to “transform” CYF are just part and parcel of the ongoing drama that is chasing the tail of  inter-generational social malaise driven by paying people to have babies. . .Lindsay Mitchell

She was responding to the release of The Children’s Commissioner Dr Russell Wills’s State of Care report.

4 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. andrei says:

    This latest from the Commissioner, and then s panel to “transform” CYF are just part and parcel of the ongoing drama that is chasing the tail of inter-generational social malaise driven by paying people to have babies. . .

    What modern Godless, post Christian minds fail to grasp is that young women having babies is a feature not a bug

    Dying cultures, which is where we are now fail to value their young and we have systematically dismantled all the cultural structures built up over millennia to ensure the orderly raising and socialization of our successors in a humane manner.

    There have always been dysfunctional families and always will be but the idea is to keep them to a minimum and encourage young men and women to form strong pair bonds as the foundation stone in the family they will create as the nursery for their contribution to the next generation.

    The “social malaise” doesn’t derive from the underclass but from over educated, latte supping urban twits, who think pregnancy is a disease and that two men can “marry” one another

    As ye sow so shall ye reap

  2. Mr E says:


    Reading your commentary I would guess your solutions to the problem as:

    Become Christian
    Under educate
    Outlaw Lattes
    Disband cities
    Outlaw Homosexual marriage

    The Christian teachings that I grew up with included ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these’ and ‘Do to others as you would have them do to you’.

    Some of your comments seem to me to be hate speech. They deviate so greatly from what I would expect from a Christian.

  3. andrei says:

    Mr E my point(s) go over your head.

    As human beings we are programmed to reproduce – on this matter Richard Dawkins and myself agree

    Those young women of the underclasses are not having children because we are “paying people to have babies. . . “ rather they are having them because they are designed by God and nature to do so.

    We live in a Golden age but it wont last because we are to engrossed in meeting our ephemeral earthly desires to pass on our legacy to the future, through raising enough of our own children, an activity we have been taught to almost despise.

    In fact our values are in the sewer and we dwell in a cultural cesspit

    These people are the future owners of Europe as its natives contracept and abort themselves into oblivion

  4. Mr E says:


    “Mr E my point(s) go over your head”
    Why do you say that? You think me unintelligent? Lacking culture? Religion? Or understanding?

    Sure I do think we have a genetic influenced impulse to reproduce. Like any species.

    But unlike any other species we have an extremely developed consciousness, which means our decisions are based on many many variables. Including our decision to reproduce.

    Sure our developing cultures and understandings also impact our choices to reproduce.

    But I fail to see how that drives you to say unpleasant things about others.

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