Thursday’s quiz

Keeping with my determination to be blogging lightly I’m not posing any questions but you are welcome to do so.

Anyone who trumps all of us will win a virtual bunch of daffodils.

6 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Mr E says:

    What is Leucoptera Spartifoliella?
    When and where was Leucoptera Spartifoliella first collected in NZ?
    What is the noxious weed that Leucoptera Spartifoliella feeds on?
    What does univoltine mean?
    How long would it take Leucoptera Spartifoliella to populate 45km of Southland?

  2. J Bloggs says:

    1) Which toy company started life as a carpenters workshop in 1932?
    2) With which club did Peter Schmeichel win the 1999 European Championship?
    3) Who wrote “The Little Mermaid” and where would you find her statue?
    4) What breed of dog was the cartoon character of Scooby Doo based on?
    5) Which country do the preceding questions all have in common?

  3. J Bloggs says:

    As for Mr E’s questions, I will confess my ignorance

  4. Mr E says:

    1) Lego
    2) Man U
    3) Hans Christian Andersen -Copenhagen,
    4) Great Dane
    5) Beats me – the Greeks might want to claim the Great Dane or perhaps the Germans? It is fair to say the ‘Grand Danios’ bears little resemblance to the Great Dane, and the word Dane was adopted from Danios which has nothing to do with Denmark. Although I will concede Denmark may have had a little to do with its origins.

  5. andrei says:

    Mr E

    my schoolboy Latin tells me it is a winged insect presumably.of the order Lepidoptera ie a butterfly or moth

    Univoltine means it breeds once a year to coincide with some other annual event that makes breeding favourable at that time e.g. the flowering of the plants upon which its offspring feed

  6. andrei says:

    J Bloggs

    (3) Hans Christian Anderson wrote “the Little Mermaid” and Walt Disney butchered it though my girls loved it when they were little and collected the McDonalds toys

    (4)a Great Dane

    (5) leads me to believe the common thread is Denmark – Peter Schmeichel in Q2 being a Dane though he played for a British Club

    Which suggests LEGO as an answer for Q1

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