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If you sit in a room with people with diametrically opposed views, you’ll ultimately find you have 80 per cent in common. Do you want a better environment, a world your kids can live in, to leave your farm a better place when you leave? We found in the GM debate that when you isolate the fundamentalists, they are never going to change their view. It’s about taking people with you; not ‘I’m right and you are wrong.’ By giving a bit, we’ve gained a lot in the last five years. . . Dr William Rolleston.

3 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Good summation, just as the flag debate is being screwed by the minority who wont even engage because Key initiated this current debate, there are possibly 20% of the people who having previously supported a debate to change are now locked into an opposition stance the luddite opposition to science is stupid ill-informed and counterproductive.

    As one totally opposed to any change until it becomes part of further constitutional upheaval, I will accept that inane vote that supports my stance for entirely selfish reasons.

    I have since forever attempted to introduce the genetic changes that selective breeding has introduced to the GM debate with out any regard as to what was the genetic modification that triggered such progress only to have “eating frogs with my salad” logic in response.
    Some dramatic GM modifications occur in nature, admittedly they could be possibly sheeted to some extraordinary accidental human or environmental intervention. Such events may indeed be much more scary than a controlled laboratory intervention but that does not seem apparent to luddites who are continually looking for a focus for protest.
    A glaring and scary example is the way the influenza virus can rapidly evolve from relative benign to virulent life threatening in months.
    I was told by a seriously impressive member of the scientific community in my tender years to forget accidents, cancer, wars, or other threat, it would be a virus that will threaten our human existence.
    So any research that increases understanding of the genome and related mutations is essential to any long term future for humans is imperative imho.

  2. Mr E says:

    “We are amongst the most carbon-efficient in the world – if we penalise farmers, and we are the only country thinking of doing this, all we do is shift production offshore. And that increases global greenhouse gases.”

    You’d almost think William has been listening to me. 😉

  3. Richard says:

    Not going to go into the the subject he was talking about
    Just very wise words that can be applied to many issues

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