Blogging lighter still

It’s nearly 11 months since I decided I was going to be blogging lighter.

In that time I’ve spent more time with family and friends, exercised more, read more books, put more time and effort in to cooking . .  .

But I haven’t given the time and attention to a couple of projects on my to-do list.

They involve writing and I’ve been kidding myself that any writing is good practice. But blogging is only good practice for the projects in the way that wandering along a beach could be considered training for a marathon.

Because of that I’m planning to blog even lighter still.

The posts I can do ahead – history, quote and word of the day and Saturday and Sunday soapboxes will still appear most days. I’ll also do some rural round-ups.

But other posts will be few and far between.

Thank you to all of you who’ve popped by.

Thank you especially to those who have taken the time to comment, I hope you still will.

One Response to Blogging lighter still

  1. Mr E says:

    I’m hoping your lighter blogging will help me improve my wish to comment lighter too. I have little comment self control when I hear views that fly in face of facts, especially when it is about things that are near and dear to my heart.

    Less threads will probably mean less me. Even though I really enjoy much of your information, and my presence here has greatly improved my understandings, less is more at this stage in my life.

    Thanks for you past efforts and your continued efforts.


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