How much of a pciky eater are you?

How much of a picky eater are you?

You don’t eat 9 out of 87 things on this list!
You’re definitely NOT a picky eater. Whatever the size, shape, smell, or texture; if it’s food, you’ll put it in your mouth. You probably look down your nose at anyone who IS a picky eater, but look on the bright side — you can eat anything they don’t finish!
One of those I don’t partake was coffee which I stopped drinking when I was pregnant and never started drinking again.
Two of the others were liver and kidneys which aren’t food. They’re awful offal.

4 Responses to How much of a pciky eater are you?

  1. Gravedodger says:

    Had to research a couple (tzatziki, taramasalata) but even then there was nothing on that list I would/do not eat.
    Now had it included Brains, Raw Kina, Tripe, Pukekko, Mountain Oysters, Huhu Grubs, Mutton Birds, Weka, Hangi food, Toadstools, Hemlock, I could have produced some evidence of being picky.

    Kereru now there is a food not yet tried although a few Hangi, where declining could have been construed as being impolite, could have had me eating Kereru but not proven.

    There are some foods I would not endure adversity to access but I really enjoy being challenged in a culinary sense but to eat some of the more “out there” offerings on say the Hokitika Wild food festival menu where disgust and attempts to shock are included, then there would definitely be some refusals.


  2. Paranormal says:

    Interesting. There are a few foods on the list that I can’t eat, even though I love them. Anything from the deadly nightshade family such as avocado, capsicum and potatoes are no go for me. I won’t/can’t eat them now, does that make me a picky eater?


  3. Mr E says:

    4 out of 87

    Egg plant
    Broad beans

    It is not that I wont eat them – I prefer not to. I do eat all those things now and again and it is usually because I am being polite. I suffer from bad reflux and some of those things make it worse. Not a great excuse because I still drink coffee.

    I could claim to have nearly eaten all of Gravedodgers list accept:

    I could add a lot of strange things to his list too.


  4. Gravedodger says:

    The Hemlock and the toadstools were a sad attempt at humour although I would like to have opportunity to eat more Fungi than plain mushrooms as my repertoire is limited to field where those from amongst sheepshit are so much more flavourful but they are good value from the many mushroom farms.
    Nothing to compare with a large Brown grilled and served on kumera mash with an egg on top and Bacon side, tomatoes in season, right up there for a brunch.

    The weka were a gift from a Chatham Islander and I should have used that old Pukeko recipe where the bird is cooked in a boot for ten hours, the bird is discarded and the Boot served with gravy.

    Another marvellous delicacy are sweetbreads, an annual menu favourite that featured on the Pinfolds Transport End of Year bit of a doo in Carterton, late last century. Clients of the company put that date on their calendar year on year.


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