Does Auckland deserve this?

Colin Craig could run for Auckland mayor:

Former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has not ruled out running for Auckland mayor next year, despite another week where his personal life has been dragged through the media.

Craig said he had been asked on more than one occasion to run for mayor and said he sees a strong constituency for a conservative, particularly a fiscally conservative, candidate to run in Auckland. . . .

The rest of New Zealand likes to not like Auckland, but does the city deserve Len Brown and then Craig?

5 Responses to Does Auckland deserve this?

  1. definitely NOT ? I hope it’s just delusions of grandeur…


  2. Brown says:

    One wastes money, one is economic with it. Its a no brainer unless you are a socialist living in a dream world.


  3. Richard says:

    No is my answer. But they should recruit Phil Hayward as the Chief Planner Here is his guest post on Whaleoil this morning

    The most sensible article I have read about Auckland’s housing and transport issues for a long time


  4. kiwipolitician says:

    No one is forced to vote for Colin Craig.


  5. kiwipolitician says:

    Auckland DOES deserve a fiscally responsible mayor, who ever that man or woman is.


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