Why bother with voters?

This headline should cause disquiet in anyone who cares for democracy: Peters: NZ First will decide 2017 election.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he will be more powerful than ever by the next election and will decide the next government. . . .

Why bother with voters?

If he won’t give us the courtesy of explaining his intentions before the election and does what he’s done in the past, leaving us voting blind, why bother with an election?

He wants to be king maker but he’ still not willing or able to give a straight answer to a straight question.

. . .  You said you’d resign if you don’t get tens of thousands of new members? “Yeah, precisely. There’d be no sense going on.” That’s a commitment from you. Tens of thousands or you’re gone? “Yes”. Could we narrow that down – more than 10,000 or you’ll resign? “No, I said if we don’t increase our membership… Why don’t you ask a straight question?” But we did… “Well maybe I didn’t hear properly…stop your humbug.”

This old leopard won’t change his spots and he’s dreaming if he thinks he can increase his membership to that extent.

As a member of National, the only party in New Zealand which has tens of thousands of members, I know what it takes to attract and retain members.

If Labour with nation-wide electorate structures and unions helping can’t do it, Peters and his party which never stands in more than a handful of seats won’t have a chance.

2 Responses to Why bother with voters?

  1. James says:

    He’s going to try and scour the “regions” (I hate that urban dwellers have for NZ!) and get membership that way. He’ll do Northland, Ron Mark Wairarapa, his lackey boy Darroch Ball Manawatu etc.

    But they’ll fail miserably, because NZers simply aren’t that stupid. We can all see that NZ First are bewildered old food.

    I served with Darroch Ball in the Army. If he gets anywhere near power, it’ll be a disaster for the country.

  2. JC says:

    The old dog has simply peed on a few wheels and lampposts to remind us he’s still around, still fit and ready to be a thorn in the side of the body politic.

    He’s sending multiple messages to other parties that condense down to if they want the top jobs they have to go through him.

    He is I think, shaping the battleground.


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