Thursday’s quiz

1. Who wrote:

I can hear you
making small holes
in the silence
rain . .  ?

2. What does: He kai kei aku ringa mean? 

3. What does Kāore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka mean?

4. By what names are: hoiho, kārearea and korimako known in English?

5. Should Maori be a compulsory subject in schools?

5 Responses to Thursday’s quiz

  1. Will Dwan says:

    1. Ralph Hotere
    4. Horse?
    5.If you want. Won’t make any difference to anything.

  2. TraceyS says:

    1. Don’t know.
    2. Something about eating with your hands?
    3. Talking about kumara?
    4. Hoiho is a penguin. Others are birds too maybe.
    5. Yep. Learning other languages is good for the brain.

  3. J Bloggs says:

    1) Hone Tuwhare
    4) Yellow eyed penguin, NZ Falcon, Bellbird
    5) If we don’t teach the Maori language, no one else is going to. However, I think it should be optional at secondary school level as a subject in its own right, although I have no objection to it being inserted as part of other subjects (such as the maori words for NZ fauna and flora in science classes for example – see answers to q.4 for the benefit of that…)

  4. grantaviuskennarius says:

    1] Don’t know. In penance I offer Spike Milligan’s ‘Rain’:

    There are holes in the sky
    Where the rain gets in
    But they’re ever so small
    That’s why the rain is thin.

    2] Don’t remeber this from the list of proverbs at Otago U.

    3] The kumara doesn’t say it is sweet. [Be humble]. Recognised the word kumara and guessed the rest from Māori 101…

    4] Penguin, other thing, yet another thing.

    5] Yes. It creates a national identity.

  5. Andrei says:

    (1) Hone Tuwhare



    (4) Yellow eyed Penguin, – , Bellbird

    (5) Should be taught, not compulsory though

    So should Latin and Koine Greek sigh never again happen though we have moved beyond this because we are “sophisticated” and want to forget our Western cultural roots

    Also languages relevant to the cultural heritages of the students of the school e.g Mandarin where there are significant Chinese kids enrolled,

    At least one language other than English should be compulsory because language skills developed early make it easy to pick a new languages (perhaps not well) in later life

    I spoke three at schoolyard level before I was eight – stood me in good stead I think

    I love language

    Maori never interested me though because there is no literature

    I’ll say no more lest I cause offense

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