Quote of the day

. . . Markets are not about increasing individual profits but about allocating scarce resources. They do so best when property rights are clearly defined. And then they effectively deal with those environmental problems that the pontiff can only preach about.

As a Catholic economist, reading this papal drivel masquerading as an encyclical is both embarrassing and infuriating. Thank God Catholics are free to disagree with this personal position of the Pope. –  Oliver Hartwich

One Response to Quote of the day

  1. Andrei says:

    Property rights come at the barrel of a gun and those who control the “scarce resources” are those who are prepared to shed copious amounts of blood to secure their “property rights”.

    Free Market Capitalism has spilled more blood in the 21st century alone securing “property rights” than communism did in the seventy years it existed.

    You would like to pretend otherwise, which is easy to do in a land of milk and honey where you can buy cheap tack manufactured in Asian sweatshops at your local Warehouse with your loose change


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