Tech request – how do you compress photos?

Compressing photos is advised for posting on blogs or Facebook.

For years I’ve done this with Microsoft Office Picture Manager but my old computer was dying and its replacement has a new operating system which omits this feature.

I googled and followed the suggestion I found to download Microsoft Picture gallery but that doesn’t enable compression.

If there’s any technically minded person out there who knows how to compress photos I’d welcome your advice.

While I’m seeking advice, I haven’t found a way to compress photos on an iPad either and would appreciate advice on that too.

2 Responses to Tech request – how do you compress photos?

  1. I can help you out with the iPad Ele, indeed, this *is* my method.

    Simply email your photos to yourself from the iPad. When you email look up in the header information and you’ll see the iPad gives you three sizes to choose from for photos for photos before sending, large, medium or small. Works really well for me.


  2. Name witheld says:

    Fast, simple, free and foolproof.


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