Quote of the day

. . . It’s not Craig’s inappropriate behaviour, whatever it was, that’s the problem.

It’s everything else.

A man that desperate to have a party that will have him, and give him power, is a man who should never have it.

It’s news all right. And we should care.Rodney Hide

2 Responses to Quote of the day

  1. Andrei says:

    It’s news all right. And we should care.

    It is not News, it is a circus freakshow, a ghastly reality show to distract us from the creeping Marxism that is being imposed upon us as Government Grows and the Satanic Abominations they inflict upon us increase

    Colin Craig never made the deal with the people he conceived to be his base, never was going to – he is a fake, not what he purports to be and that is so obvious he wasn’t even worth a protest vote.

    And I don’t care about any of this – it just increases my antipathy towards politics and politicians, most of who have sold their souls to Satan in any case to get their place at the table


  2. Gravedodger says:

    One facet of the dopy media’s obsession with this circus is that it seems to have been Slater’s blog that has provided much if not all the background and some of them have even admitted that.

    Before a flame war erupts, it is imho a very necessary function of media to reveal such sordid and mawkish events that go to the heart of the central figure’s fitness for high office and good on Slater for letting the sunlight in.


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