No shades of grey for governors

The Herald opines:

Fairly or not, politicians are expected to have solid, unambiguous positions on every issue. Not for them the shades of grey that influence the decision-making of most people in everyday life. Consequently, it is unsurprising that the Auckland councillors who are thinking of abstaining to allow the council’s 10-year budget to pass are being strongly criticised. . .

The issue is too important for any councillor to choose not to choose. They were elected to provide a voice for the citizens of their ward. That should not be lost when they are so adamant about the budget’s shortcomings.

Abstaining would allow the budget and the extortionate rates rise it requires to pass.

In effect the councillors abstaining are voting for the budget without having the courage to commit themselves to it.

That is a gross failure of competence and dereliction of duty.

People are elected to governance positions to govern and these councillors are paid more than many full-time workers are to do their best for the city and the people they represent.

If they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to vote for or against the budget which is the most important vote each year, they shouldn’t be on the council.

2 Responses to No shades of grey for governors

  1. Allan says:

    Auckland governance is a cot case. Brown is totally out of his depth and is an absolute disaster for the Auckland region. The Councilers involved should harden up and vote down this extortionate grab for the ratepayers money. For the life of me I can not understand why Central Govt does not step in and sack all of these clowns and appoint a Commissioner to run the city. The place is a train wreck right now. Something needs to be done urgently before irreparable damage is done to the region and the place is bankrupted.

  2. Not just the place being bankrupted, but people like me too !!!!!

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