Risk calculator

The UK Longevity Explorer has a risk calculator which will display your five-year risk of dying from any cause and the ‘Ubble age’ that corresponds to that risk.

From the answers you have provided, we have calculated that:

1. Your Ubble age is 48 years (46 to 49 years)

This means that your risk of dying in the next five years is equivalent to the average risk for women aged 48 in the UK.

All but one in 100 of those with an Ubble age of 48  will survive the next five years.

That’s an encouraging statistic but it is only a statistic.


One Response to Risk calculator

  1. Paranormal says:

    Ele, because they use the UK life tables the statistic may not be overly relevant for New Zealand. I’ve never compared the tables, but I’d like to think our lifestyle was much healthier than the UK’s. (I’m really trying to say you’re probably in a much better position than the risk calculator suggests)

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